Monday, July 15, 2024
NewsReport: WWE Superstars Don't Have to Give Their Social Media Logins

Report: WWE Superstars Don’t Have to Give Their Social Media Logins



According to a report from Fightful WWE does not require talent to give their Social Media logins. This is contrary to a statement from Ryback, who claimed WWE asks some of its stars to hand over their Twitter login:

The report states that WWE sent Ryback a cease-and-desist order requesting his Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter that were of the WWE intellectual property Ryback be transferred to WWE.

However, WWE sent the following statement to Fightful about this rumor:

“We do not ask talent for their passwords, nor do we own their social media accounts.”

There is a staff member tasked with sending out basic outlines for social media etiquette, but there are no requests for login.

One example given was a superstar requesting that a Social Media Manager post a certain tweet but the representative said that the department doesn’t do that.

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