Report: WWE Telling Talent To Stay Off The Nancy Grace Show


Finally, WWE has told current and former talents to stop appearing on the Nancy Grace TV Show. TMZ reported the following: 

Nancy Grace is being BLACKBALLED by the WWE over the way she
covered the death of the Ultimate Warrior … with superstars (past and
present) being warned stay off her show — OR ELSE!

Grace most recently enraged WWE officials when she had
Diamond Dallas Page on her HLN show and strongly insinuated that Warrior’s
death was the result of steroid and drug abuse.

In fact, she even brought a doctor on the show — who never
treated Warrior — to speculate that steroids and drugs directly led to the
deaths of scores of young wrestlers.

She even scrolled a list of names — which included Owen
Hart — who died during a freak accident on the set … which had NOTHING to do
with drugs or ‘roids.

Now, we’re told WWE is circling the wagons to ostracize
Grace — and though they haven’t sent any official memos, we’re told there’s a
strong word going around the grapevine that anyone connected to the brand
should STAY AWAY from Nancy if they wanna keep a working relationship.

… and that’s the bottom line.

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