Report: WWE’s Roster Believe William Regal Is Returning Thanks To Triple H


WWE’s roster is under the impression that William Regal is returning to the promotion thanks to an agreement with Triple H.

During this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite, MJF turned on Regal in a segment many have seen as a way to write the 2008 King of the Ring winner off of TV.


Bryan Alvarez discussed Regal’s AEW contract on Wrestling Observer Live, and said that the belief in WWE is that he has an unwritten agreement with Triple H.

“The belief among people within WWE is that when he signed with AEW, he essentially had an agreement where if Triple H returns to power, he can go back to WWE. And Triple H is now back in power. The belief within WWE is that is what is going on.”

Alvarez stressed that nothing has been confirmed by WWE regarding Regal’s status with the company.

Regal worked for WWE until January of this year when he was one of several cuts to NXT’s backstage crew.

It has been reported that AEW talent also believe Regal’s days with Tony Khan’s promotion are numbered and that his deal may expire this month.

Alvarez also suggested that Regal’s health issues could be a factor in a return and coming back to WWE and NXT would mean he’d get to stay in Florida and avoid traveling.

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