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Report – WWE’s TV Partners Not Happy With CM Punk Potentially Signing With AEW


According to a new report from Andrew Zarian of the Mat Men Wrestling Podcast, WWE’s TV partners are not happy about CM Punk potentially signing with AEW.

During the latest episode of the podcast, Zarian noted that whilst their partners are unhappy with Punk’s possible next step, WWE themselves do not see it as a major blow to the company. He also noted that the partners who were unhappy were not wrestling fans and so, it is possible that they do not understand the inner working of the company.

Zarian would then take to his Twitter account and double-down on his report. Stating that he had spoken to someone from one of the networks after the podcast ended. This person reportedly said, “WWE is not as concerned about the possible Daniel Bryan and CM Punk signing to AEW as we are…”.

On the topic of Bryan, Zarian also talked about the feeling within WWE over his potential signing with AEW. Zarian stated that Bryan’s potential signing is seen as a big hit to WWE. This primarily stems from how he features heavily in WWE’s reality series Total Bellas, and his wife Brie Bella is a WWE ambassador. As well as this, he is seen as someone who is liked by fans of all ages and company officials.

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