Reported Update on Jason Jordan’s Role in WWE

Photo Credit: WWE

A new report by WrestleVotes on Twitter gives an update on the future of Jason Jordan in WWE.

Jason Jordan has been out for about a year now with a neck injury and there are many reports that stayed the Jason may never likely step into a wrestling ring again. However, WWE is using Jason Jordan as a backstage producer and allowing him to enjoy the business from a different perspective.

The new report from the news breakers on Twitter suggest that not only is Jason involved in recent creative meetings, but his input is highly touted:

“Along with the influx of new minds backstage including Bruce Pritchard, Jeff Jarrett, Abyss & others, an interesting name has begun to sit in on important creative meetings, with his ideas & opinions viewed in high regard: Jason Jordan.”

What do you think, if Jason could have one more match, who would you like to see him against?

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