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NewsReported Update on When NJPW’s Deal with AXS Ends

Reported Update on When NJPW’s Deal with AXS Ends



According to a report in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, New Japan Pro-Wrestling current deal with AXS TV expires in 2021.

In The Observer, Dave Meltzer goes into detail about the accomplishments of Adam Swift who was recently let go following the merger of Anthem and AXS, noting that he had a major role in getting new Japan on to the network and even had an Executive Producer credit on the television show:

New Japan Pro Wrestling got on AXS based on Adam Swift, the company’s former Vice President of Legal Affairs, who grew up as a big tape trader of Japanese wrestling. Swift, who was among the large number of AXS staff members who lost their jobs in the sale, saw the potential on U.S. television of something that normal people in television would have never even considered.

Dave would go on to say that the future of New Japan-Pro Wrestling and WOW Superheroes On the network is uncertain, we do know that IMPACT Wrestling has officially announced that they will be moving to the network following their Bound For Glory pay-per-view.

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