Reported Update On WWE/Jordan Myles Situation


As the situation between Jordan Myles and NXT appears to have reached its climax following the very public resignation of the former NXT Superstar just yesterday on Twitter.

In this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer provides an update on the situation saying that WWE has actually tried to help Myles, as he seems to be battling a mental health issue. Dave had previously reported Myles was on non-injury-related medical leave from WWE:

“He had said that he was going to say all kinds of things if he didn’t hear from WWE. His situation is a number of stories. That the T-shirt shouldn’t have been made is one story. That was clearly a mistake. They did pull it immediately when he complained. So it was a mistake that was quickly rectified. If it wasn’t rectified it would be a different story. That said, when it comes to WWE and Hardie Jr., WWE has very much tried to help him weeks before he went public with his issues and at the time he disappeared from Orlando. Hardie Jr. then deleted the account that he posted on. WWE has not commented on this story. Hardie Jr. has been in contract with at least one promotion wanting to appear but I can’t see this being possible given there is no indication he’s been released by WWE.”

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