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NewsReview Of The 12/26 Edition Of TNA Impact!

Review Of The 12/26 Edition Of TNA Impact!



The show was taped and is airing from Orlando Florida and it’s the last TNA show of 2013.

Opening Segment: Rockstar Spud, TNA president Dixie Carter promo’s but Jeff Hardy interrupts Ethan Cater the 3rd takes out Hardy and sends him out of the ring but Sting interrupts and clears house. Dixie says they are her fans not his and doesn’t care about what they want. She books match tonight as our main event.

AR’s Truth: This segment went everywhere with a lot of people in it, Dixie made nonsense and looked like an afterthought but they made the main event that makes sense. Now I’m not sure anyone actually wants to see it but hey why not.

Dixie Carter is still in the ring and is about to make her announcement but Gunner interrupts her then interrupted by James Storm and demands a match with Gunner tonight.

AR’s Truth: This is more of a mess with Dixie and there is no way Gunner will win the world title. Let this feud begin.

James Storm vs. Gunner ends in a double countout

AR’s Truth: James Storm is one of my favorite TNA wrestler but this match was plain bad. More of a brawl fest then anything. The finish means this feud will continue and most likely Storm will cost Gunner the world title. This is only the beginning folks.

Brooke comes down to the ring, she says that Bully Ray should come and tell everyone the truth. She begs him that it’s not her fault she ended “aces and eight’s” then says she is done and seen him destroy everything. She used him for everything to get famous but she does not need him and he grabs her arm. He says she is done when he is done with her, he does not blame her for not being world champion or screwing everything else. He says he kept her around for her body and she was not good at certain uses. Ray says he could piledrive her like MR. Anderson but he says she will spread his word and let them know “That it’s going to be a lot worse” She leaves the ring made.

AR’s Truth: With the music, I had a flash back to 1996 with Mankind character, not sure where this is leading but I love it. It’s serious, to the point and dark, Bully Ray does it again. Also Brooke was good her as well, not too over the top but got it done. Bully Ray has once again reinvented himself, now let’s see where it leads to (Mr. Anderson)

Monster’s Ball Match: Joseph Park Def. Daniels and Kaz

AR’s Truth: A decent match with the right guy going over, maybe this is the end but unfortunately TNA has the reputation of extending feuds longer than they should. Park will probably end up being Abyss in the long run but Park is an interesting choice as well. TNA has set themselves up with two options.

Lei’D Tapa Def. ODB.

AR’s Truth: Another stiff match, I get these are the top two psychical women in the division do not mean they will be the best in the ring. I’m not sure if they are positioning Madison Rayne as the challenger or ODB. Yes I feel confused.

Handicap Match: Ethan Carter III, Rockstar Spud, Bro-Man’s Def. Jeff Hardy and Sting

After the match, Jeff Hardy says he is sorry then says that the past couple of months he needs his heart back. Last week he lost but Dixie Carter does not own him and he is so sick of tired of the politics. He says that the fight is all gone and announces this is his last match in TNA. He says he “will not return to TNA until the dark cloud is gone from this place” He leaves his attire in the ring and the last 2013 edition of Impact! Ends.

AR’s Truth: A long tag match that has a lot of young talent in the ring, it’s nice to see them building the young stars but does not mean it will be the best main event. Bro-Man’s in the main event? It’s whatever but I do like they are building up young talent. Nice win for the young talent and this is just the beginning for Sting versus EC3. For those wondering Jeff Hardy will return!

Final Verdict: This was a very up and down edition of Impact! Your new world champion is not even there? That didn’t make sense, as already reading I was not a fan of this show. The ending was nice with the pushing of younger talent and an interesting twist in the Jeff Hardy character as well in Bully Ray. This edition will get a lot of negativity and not just from me. 4.5-10*

The overall show flowed very well but when you’re watching some things just make you scratch your head and wonder what the heck?

They once again only had one match in the first hour which someone who likes a lot of talking segments I don’t mind but when your company is called “Impact Wrestling” they expect more wrestling, in my opinion with more talking is more storytelling and I like that type but that is just me.

The transition to the new era of Magnus had no impact because he was not there, he just won the title and pretty much turned heel but yet the main focal point of your company is not on television? Dixie Carter had more air time in this episode and felt way to forced.

Bobby Roode or Kurt Angle was not hear from which was a discontentment but I’m confident we will hear from them next week.

The younger talent was the main staple point of this show and it’s a nice change. I like Ethan Carter and Rockstar Spud but I felt the Bro-Man’s was out of place because we have not seen them in some time. That just shows the tag team division right now in TNA which is sad because at one point they had the best division in pro wrestling.

Once again, TNA delivered in the department of having different starts and having something for everyone.

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