Rey Mysterio Comments On Moving To RAW, Not Being Split From Dominik


During a recent interview with Bleacher Report, Rey Mysterio commented on hoping that he and his son Dominik would have been split up during the WWE Draft, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On moving to RAW: “I’ve always been a blue-color man. SmackDown has always been the brand for me. For some reason, it’s worked better for me and I’ve gotten used to the SmackDown brand. But I always like change and I like to adapt, especially now with my son kicking off his career. It’s going to be exciting. There’s a lot of talent on Raw right now and we’re looking forward to working with many of those.”

On the possibility of being split up from Dominik: “That was definitely up to destiny. We did talk about [the possibility of being split up]. I said, ‘If we eventually get split up, then it was meant to be. You go your way, I’ll go mine.’ At the same time, it would’ve given my son some independence to grow on his own. Pretty much the story we were telling right before we got drafted to Raw. It was in the back of our minds, but it wasn’t anything we were worrying about. If anything, it probably would have been good. It’s a change.”

On having a match with Dominik: “We talked about a lot of wrestling as a team before he even stepped in a ring. It was something that we envisioned. ‘Imagine the day that we get to wrestle together, and imagine the day that we get to face each other.’ As his career took off, that match that we dreamed about wrestling together happened so fast, in the blink of an eye after his debut against Seth Rollins. Seeing the growth within my son and seeing how attached I’ve been to him, and I know eventually I have to let him go and have him grow on his own, but it would be very, very hard for me to face him one-on-one.”

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