​Rey Mysterio Discusses Kalisto, Lucha Libre, Wrestling Without His Mask & More


During a recent interview with The Roman Show, former WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio discussed wrestling without his mask, Kalisto, Eddie Guerrero and more:

On Kalisto: “A lot of matches I wanted to see during my time with the WWE never happened because the opponent was somewhere else like Low Ki, AJ Styles…(Kalisto) is awesome. He is creating his own fan base. He is unique, I like watching him a lot. He is entertaining.”

On taking pictures with fans with or without the mask: “My uncle was doing it. Silver King was also doing it. he had lost his mask. He came out in the movie Nacho Libre. It’s always been a mystique to carry your mask. But it’s a new era of wrestling. A new trend started. I would take pictures without the mask. There are a lot of new fans that never saw that part of my career. They know me as Rey Mysterio with the mask.”

On why Lucha Libre hasn’t made a major impact as it should in the US: “Mexico has a big roster and there is a lot of talent. The United States is limited what you can do. Lucha Undergound is the gateway to any luchador that wasn’t to come and be part of this roster…keep in mind, lucha libre hasn’t been displayed in the US in abundance. Its been subtle. The pioneer was Mil Mascaras. Then that died down, new talent was rising, Eddie Guerrero was the next one then Konnan. Konnan had a big success.”

On working without his mask in WCW: “It was a hard decision. It wasn’t my call, it was on the hands of Eric Bischoff.”

On how how Eddie Guerrero helped his career in WWE: “He pretty much everything on the table for me. I tried to do as much as I can to put lucha on the map. I had a little help from Alberto Del Rio.”

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