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Rey Mysterio Had A Conversation With Dominik’s Teacher About Eddie Guerrero Custody Storyline


Rey Mysterio recently spoke with Fox News for his upcoming Biography: WWE Legends episode about him having a conversation with his son’s, Dominik Mysterio, teacher regarding the infamous Eddie Guerrero custody battle storyline in 2005. The storyline involved Guerrero claiming that Dominik was his son, which led to a ladder match at SummerSlam between him and Mysterio for custody of Dominik.

While fans know this was all part of a WWE storyline, Dom’s teacher had some concerns about him being in such an uncomfortable situation.


You can check out some of the highlights from Rey’s interview below:

On the storyline involving Eddie Guerrero and Dominik’s paternity: “I remember talking to one of his teachers and I know Dominik was getting harassed constantly. They were a bit concerned about the situation, about him being in the middle of a situation that was uncomfortable. But after one of his teachers approached him and said, ‘is everyone OK at home? Are you sure, Dominik? Is there anything we can do to help?’ After Dom told me that, I remember approaching the teacher and telling her as you know this is all part of the entertainment business. Nothing that is happening on TV is real. So, everything is OK no worries. You don’t have to worry about anything. I think the only thing we have to worry about is when Dom misses school that he’s able to take his homework with him and do it when he’s on the road. But besides that, everything was OK.”

On working with Dominik: “I never thought this moment would happen because my son never really showed interest until the age of 19. We did the storyline with him, Eddie and myself back in 2005 and I just never realized that after that storyline that he would kind of have some interest and start training because he never did. He always played football. The interest that he started to show was, again, at the age of 19. His career developed so fast. Moving to Tampa (Florida), training there with Jay Lethal and eventually going up to a camp with Lance Storm and just everything happened so far. Next thing you know, he was having a debut match at SummerSlam against Seth Rollins.

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