Rey Mysterio Received Big Money Offer From AEW


Obviously, Rey Mysterio ended up staying with WWE as he signed a new deal with the company a few months ago. 

Dave Meltzer reported in an edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter AEW made an offer that equaled the WWE’s per-match offer, but the WWE offer was higher because it was for more dates.

Meltzer noted on today’s episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that Rey could have jumped to AEW since they offered him a lot of money and could have done so by appearing on Dynamite as he was working without a deal with WWE. 

However, with his son, Dominik, working for the company now, Mysterio ended up staying with WWE. 

“They did sign Rey and Rey could have gone to AEW and they know that know Rey got a huge offer to go to AEW [and he] stayed,” Meltzer said.

“That’s a feather in the cap too. I don’t want to say they owe him because they don’t owe anyone anything but Rey had no contract. Rey could have walked in AEW in the middle of this program. He wasn’t gonna do it because he’s Rey and he told them he wouldn’t and no matter what he wouldn’t. But the point is that legally he could have. I know that loyalty to Vince is a one-way street – you have to be loyal to him and he doesn’t have to be loyal to you but there is something to that right now but he’ll probably forget it at some point too, down the line. Usually, it’s sooner than later.”

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