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Rey Mysterio Reveals The Reason He Left WWE In 2015


Back in 2015 Rey Mysterio decided to leave WWE after his contract with the company expired. Mysterio has won three World Titles with the company and even has a Royal Rumble victory under his belt as well. Upon departing from WWE, Mysterio began working the independent circuit before returning to the company in October.

He’s currently locked in a feud with Randy Orton on SmackDown Live. Speaking on former WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia’s podcast, “Chasing Glory,” recently, Mysterio revealed why he made the decision to leave WWE in 2015:

“The opportunity was definitely on the table, and from the moment that I had left I left not giving detailed explanation to media or to whoever had any doubts or questions as to why I left. It was between WWE and myself; this was a part-time farewell. I needed to take a break. I needed to rest.

“I needed to be around my family to pick up on a lot of things that I had missed out on over the years with being on the road so much and traveling and dedicating so much of my time to the sport that I kind of pushed my family aside; don’t get me wrong, my wife has always been supportive of what I do as well as my kids, but when my kids were young they don’t understand why Dad has to leave every week,” Mysterio said.

“They don’t understand why Dad is not there for their birthdays or special events at school. They just know that Dad is working and is on the road. Now that they are older they understand that.

“They understand what I do and understand the impact that I have on life and on other people’s life so that was pretty much my answer as to why I was stepping away from my contractual agreement with WWE.”

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions

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