Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio Reveals When He Will Retire


Rey Mysterio is back and seemingly hasn’t lost a step, but with that being said, the toll his body is taking is severe. Lilian Garcia asked Rey Mysterio on Chasing Glory what his plans for the future were and if he feels like he’s close to finally retiring. Rey had this to say:

“I’m definitely getting close to shutting down sometimes in the next couple of years. I definitely don’t see myself going past five years. That’s without a doubt you know and I just wouldn’t wanna do it for the sake of my body and what I’ve gone through.”


With Mysterio wanting to retire in the next five years, it’s only fitting that he made his long awaited return to WWE now. Other content in the interview included Rey’s financial situation in which he disclosed that his wife has been a great financial coach and that he could comfortably retire anytime he wants, but he wrestles because he loves it.

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