Rey Mysterio Almost Represented Donald Trump at WrestleMania 23


In a new interview with Al Jazeera, Rey Mysterio reacts to plans that he was considered to be the man representing Donald Trump during his showdown with Vince McMahon at WrestleMania 23.

The spot was ultimately taken by Bobby Lashley, but this is a very interesting revelation considering the current political climate. This is not lost on Rey, who openly joked about what the storyline would have looked like in retrospect:

“Imagine some of those images popping up at this time if I was that person. It would have been interesting to see those pictures floating around these days; Donald Trump with the Mexican-American wrestler Rey Mysterio.”

Mysterio also talks about his desire to leave an impact on the wrestling industry:

“I want to leave something behind. A lot of fans will still be talking about Rey Mysterio after I am gone. But my purpose isn’t just to leave memories behind. My purpose is to help those up-and-coming Latino superstars that are bringing in this lucha libre style, and help them revolutionize the sport.”

Rey certainly has left a tremendous imprint on the business, and one day will undoubtedly be immortalized in the WWE Hall Of Fame.

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