Rey Mysterio Wants To Pass The Torch To Dominik Instead Of Feuding With Him


During a recent interview with Alex McCarthy for TalkSPORT, WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio commented on a possible feud between himself and his son Dominik, wanting to pass the torch, and more. He said,

“I think in a perfect world, I would love to step out of the ring and pass the torch to my son. A lot of people talk about the possible turn and father vs. son, to me, it would mean much more to take my mask off and say, ‘here, it is your time, I’m stepping away.’ Hopefully, one day, his kids, God willing, decide to be part of this industry, or even my daughter’s kids, somebody that can continue the legacy. I had no idea he would want to be part of this world. He surprised me at a very late age, but he’s doing incredible. I’m hoping that rich generation passes on.”

Dominik added,

“I was just happy to have Mysterio behind me. I had no clue. I showed up one day and Dominik Mysterio popped up on the big screen. I was like, ‘was that you?’ He’s like, ‘No.’ It happened organically. It stuck and I liked it. Lineage-wise and culturally, and me being third generation. One day, I think Rey Mysterio…Rey Mysterio Jr….I want it.”

(h/t – Fightful)

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