Rhaka Khan Is The Latest Talent To Make Abuse Claims Against Bill DeMott – Details Inside Here


Rhaka Khan is the latest name to come out levying charges against Bill DeMott. Khan, who was once a developmental talent in WWE, took to Reddit to talk about her experiences with DeMott. The letter is lengthy but a couple of portions are below:

“I will open by saying that I KNOW that by posting this email(that wanted confidential at the time) I’m opening up a whole new can of worms that I have not yet addressed. I wrote this email NEVER wanting anyone to see it except for to whom it was addressed. Why didn’t I say something sooner? I did. But once I realized how far out of hand the whole situation was, I had just gotten a call from Howard Finkel informing me of my release from WWE. At the time; my then boyfriend, was still trying to get signed. I kept everything quiet because he had doors opening to WWE and I didn’t want the fact that we were dating getting to Bill. That was a success. Bill never found out that the new talent he helped to get signed was in a serious relationship with the subject of his hate rage, and abuse until the ink was well and dry on his developmental deal.”>/b>

>b?“Thanks to everyone who has continuously come forward over the years about the sexual harassment, racism, physical and emotional abuse – synonymous with our environment ( for those whose fate and WWE dreams were placed into the hands of Bill DeMott). You all have given me the courage to open up and I see this opportunity as a GOD Given Green Light to expose ALL. Its time to step out of the boat….To SLAY these so called “giants” that feel they have the right to harm,abuse,harass,terrorize,and WORST OF ALL feel they have the RIGHT and the POWER to sabotage the future of aspiring WWE talent and then LIE when the truth starts to emerge. With that being said; once I get this out of my heart,I make a PROMISE to everyone who deserves to know the truth about the “biggest” controversy associated with my name in wrestling: The truth will be revealed very soon. With GOD as the source of my strength and my only needed witness; the following is an email I sent to WWE HOF wrestler in response to his question about being released from WWE (without wrestling one match). There’s a TIME To WEAP and A TIME To FIGHT. Im so sorry for all of those who had to endure abuse at the hands of DeMott. Thats Why There Is So Much DANGER in DOING NOTHING. My time to DO SOMETHING has come…”

“…Unfortunately, it was too late for me before they figured out how corrupt the source (Bill DeMott ) was that they were getting information from. He is a person who told the entire class that I would make it on TV over his dead body BEFORE I ever even stepped foot through the front door of WWE Developmental, A person who embarrassed&abused me( from day one) on a daily basis. This individual scared and intimidated me into a fear that silenced my ability to cry out for help in a more aggressive way before it was too late. This is a man who in front of the entire class asked me; “So, who did you sleep with to get hired?” A man who made me drink an entire 6 pack of Beer and then do wrestling drills in front of the whole class to SAVE THEM from thousands of squats. He and some of his students even got together and made Deep South hats for everyone except me…They made Diva specific gear for girls who didn’t even have contracts to make sure that I felt alienated. He made sure not to EVER let me actually wrestle (not even in practice) unless the office was there. He set me up to look bad, having us plan a match and then switch partners right before a tag match started; with WWE writers and agents there like Steamboat and Hayes.”

You can read her full post by clicking here.

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