Rhea Ripley Believes Her Heel Turn Was Needed So Things Didn’t Get Stale


During a recent appearance on the “Inside the Ropes” podcast, The Judgement Day’s Rhea Ripley commented on her heel turn earlier this year. Ripley believes it was needed so things didn’t get stale. She said,

“I think it was really important because things slowly start to get stale, and I’m always up for a change. And I’m always up for a gear change in a way as well, which I think I really needed. I was sort of in the tag division doing my own thing with Nikki A.S.H. and then Liv, and I sort of lost myself and lost that brutal streak that I had in a way as well. I was becoming too lovey-dovey and just like trying to please people again, which is what I did when I first moved to America and I was in the first-ever Mae Young Classic.”

She continued, “So I felt myself just sort of shifting back to that, and I was like, ‘Nah. Nah, fam. I don’t want this, I don’t like this.’ So I’m just gonna be me again and be confident and be confident and be a menace and just be chaotic and brutal. So that’s where that gear change sort of just came from.”

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(h/t – Fightful)

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