Rhea Ripley Comments On A Possible Move To WWE’s Main Roster, Charlotte Flair


During a recent interview with Newsweek, Rhea Ripley commented on a possible move to the main roster, working with Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania, and lots more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On her 2020 so far: “It’s honestly just a crazy roller coaster for me. It’s quite funny because before I became NXT Women’s Champion I was doing a lot of crazy things. And then when I became NXT Women’s Champion and then to WrestleMania I’m a little more relaxed, but I’m still eager to get the gold.”

On her match with Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania: “Going out there and performing in front of no one I didn’t think I would be able to do, especially stepping in there with none other than Charlotte Flair. She’s no easy competitor to step into the ring with and I think that match made me so much better in so many different ways. It’s hard to describe those ways, but it made me feel better about myself and it made my craft better.”

On facing Robert Stone in a handicap match earlier this summer: “How many people in the women’s division can say they wrestled Robert Stone? Just me. [laughs] To me that’s cool. It doesn’t always matter if you’re in the title picture, you just gotta make the best of what you’re given and it was fun for me. It wasn’t as serious as everything leading up to WrestleMania and after, it was more fun. And I did really enjoy it.”

On being in a more comedic angle against the Robert Stone Brand: “At the end of the day, we are humans, right? Humans have different emotions and do different things and I needed to grow. Everyone has seen the serious side of myself and sometimes I need to take a chill pill and have a good laugh. That’s who I am as a person. I’d rather be real in the ring then someone who is trying to play a character.”

On a possible match with Mercedes Martinez: “I would love to step into the ring with Mercedes. I stepped into the ring with her in Australia when I was 17 years old. To be able to step into a WWE ring with her would be incredible. She taught me so much back then and she could teach me so much these days as well. She’s got so much knowledge, she’s been in this game for such a long time and it’s incredible that she’s a part of the WWE. And I hope one day I get to step into the ring with her and if my feud continues with the Robert Stone Brand then I hope to throw him into the trash can again.”

On her match with Dakota Kai this week: “Every time I step into the ring with Dakota it’s always amazing and a great experience and we always get to beat the crap out of each other and I love that. To be able to step into the ring again with Dakota, which I think is the fifth time that we’ve faced off, it’s a different Dakota these days. She’s in a stage of her life where she doesn’t care about anyone, she’s not a team player any more. This is a different Dakota than I’ve faced before and I’m excited to see what this version brings, but I know it’s going to be a hard-hitting match for sure.”

On NXT’s women’s division: “I’m proud of where NXT has come and all the girls and what they are accomplishing and how they have changed for the better. I’m just excited to see what the future brings for the women’s division. I’m keen to face Dakota, Candice, Tegan [Nox] again, Mia [Yim], everyone. I want to wrestle Raquel [Gonzalez]. Please someone book it, I want to wrestle Raquel.”

On a potential move to the main roster: “I don’t think I can ever outgrow NXT. There is always something coming up and I honestly want to be in NXT for a long long time. Whether that’s the case or not, I don’t know, I don’t have that call. I feel like I have so much more to do here. Whether that’s singles matches or whatever, I love NXT and I love being a part of it. And I hope I’m here for longer. I guess we’ll see.”

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