Rhea Ripley Comments On Wanting Another Shot At Charlotte Flair, & More


During a recent interview with Fansided, WWE NXT Superstar Rhea Ripley commented on wanting to face Charlotte Flair again, trying to regain her NXT Women’s Championship, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On her goal to regain her NXT women’s title: “I would definitely love to get my NXT Women’s Championship back. That is definitely a goal for me. Apart from that, I feel like I’ve done most things I’ve wanted to do. Obviously, there’s a lot of people in NXT I still want to step into the ring with. But if the time comes that I have to go to Raw or SmackDown, then that’s my time. I’m onto different things and I get to face different people and it’s just as cool. I guess we’ll see where everything leads and what happens in the next few months because I honestly I have no idea. I’m just going along for the roller coaster ride that is, but I’m excited either way because wrestling is my life and if I can take anything off my bucket list, then I’m happy,” she continued. “There’s just so many things I want to do and hopefully I accomplish all of them.”

On wanting another chance to beat Charlotte Flair: “I haven’t beaten Charlotte in a one-on-one competition and that does frustrate me a lot. I’m not really a person who likes to lose, I’m very competitive. I’d like to step into the ring just one more time with Charlotte just to see if I’ve gotten better at my craft and I can finally beat The Queen.”

On Bronson Reed: “I love Bronson Reed, he’s one of my favorites. I watched him growing up in Australia. I was a big fan of him and Brendan Vink and even Shane Thorne and all of that. To see him finally getting the spotlight he deserves, I’m ecstatic for him. He’s been working so hard for this position for years now and he’s always been amazing and I’m glad people are starting to realize that. In Australia, every single performer that’s there, we work so incredibly hard to get the slightest bit of spotlight. I think the dedication of everyone there because it is so far away from America and it doesn’t really get the spotlight it deserves, so we’re all forced to work so incredibly hard just for a little bit of spotlight. I think all that dedication put into our training and into ourselves is finally being noticed and that’s why we’re all getting the recognition we are now. Hopefully one day we see a lot more Australians here because I would absolutely love that.”

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