Rhea Ripley Discusses Wanting Another Charlotte Flair Match, NXT TakeOver: 30


Rhea Ripley recently spoke with Mike Johnson of PWInsider and discussed various topics. Here are some of the highlights: 

Potentially wrestling Io Shirai for the NXT Women’s Championship at NXT TakeOver:

“I would love to have a one on one match with Io Shirai going for the NXT Women’s Championship. Like you said, the last match I had was a three-way, it had Charlotte in it, so you sort of have to watch your back at all times, where if it’s one on one, you can really just pay attention to the one person, and last time I stepped in the ring with Io in a one on one match was the Mae Young Classic 2, and she beat me, so [laughs], and now she has my NXT Women’s Championship, so I would love to have a one on one match with Io and try and reclaim what was mine and I think it would be a lot of fun. She’s great, she’s a fantastic performer and athlete and she’s incredible at everything that she does, and she’s a lot of fun to step in the ring with, cause you never really know what’s going to happen, so yeah I’m very excited to see if that is what happens.”

Facing Charlotte Flair again:

“Definitely, every time I step in the ring with Charlotte, it’s always magic, and we always steal the show, so I really hope that we get to have another one on one match sometime down the line, when that is, I have no idea, hopefully she comes back soon, but yeah I would definitely love it, and hopefully this time it can be in front of fans in the audience, which would be amazing, cause it’s just a different sort of setting and it’s something that we haven’t done yet.”

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