Rhea Ripley Is In Awe Of WWE 2K23 Graphics


In a recent appearance on the Checkpoint podcast, Rhea Ripley shared her perspective regarding the newly-released WWE 2K23 game from 2K Sports.

Ripley praised the game’s portrayal of herself and the entire Judgment Day faction, noting how even her own body art was detailed on her character model.


You can check out some highlights and listen to the full podcast below:

On the overall look of the game’s characters: “It looks exactly like me, it walks exactly like me. You’ve got Finn and Priest there next to me. Dom hasn’t been added yet, but I know people are gonna do it.”

On her own personal appearance within the game: “It’s insane to see how spot-on it is. Even just like my tattoos. My tattoos are in the game.”

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