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NewsRhea Ripley On Why JD McDonagh Isn't An Official Judgment Day Member

Rhea Ripley On Why JD McDonagh Isn’t An Official Judgment Day Member



JD McDonagh could still become an official member of The Judgment Day, if he can stop screwing up when trying to help the group.

McDonagh has spent months coming to the aid of the faction but despite being a friend of Finn Balor, the Irish Ace is yet to become a confirmed member.

Speaking with “Sporting News Australia,” Rhea Ripley was asked about McDonagh’s future as a potential member. He said,

“I’ve got JD McBobblehead that’s screwing stuff up. So we’ll leave him out of [the faction] for now.”

Ripley currently holds the WWE Women’s World Championship while Dominik Mysterio is in his second reign as NXT North American Champion.

Finn Balor & Damian Priest will challenge Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions Jey Uso & Cody Rhodes on tonight’s season premiere of RAW.

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