Rhea Ripley Reveals What WWE Has Banned Her From Doing


WWE NXT Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley was recently interviewed by talkSport to talk about several professional wrestling topics.

Here are the highlights:

Getting banned from getting upper body tattoos:

My dream since being a little girls is to be the most tattooed human ever. I just love tattoos, I don’t know why! I’ve always loved them. But, unfortunately for me, WWE isn’t clearing my upper body [for tattoos] – that’s why I wear pants! I got pants so I wouldn’t have to clear my tattoos because you can’t see them. I’m trying to finish my leg sleeves, then hopefully I can convince people to let me get my arm sleeves and other stuff, but we’ll see how that goes.

If she’ll get pyro for WrestleMania 36:

Ah, man. I would love to have pyro. Unfortunately, I don’t get say over that. Everyone keeps tweeting me like ‘yeah, you should have pyro’ and I’m like ‘thank you, what am I supposed to do with this information?!’ [laughs]. Tweet Vince McMahon or something, I can’t do anything about this!

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