Rhea Ripley Says She’s Not Sure How Fans Will React To Her At Money In The Bank


During a recent interview with Bleacher Report, WWE RAW Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley commented on having to adjust to the main roster, still trying to find her footing, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On not knowing how fans will react to her at Money in the Bank: “It’s been completely wild to say the least. It’s been so strange at times, not knowing how anyone is feeling. I’m very intrigued for this Sunday to see how people react when I walk out. Honestly, I’m not too sure how people feel about me right now. I know a lot of people didn’t really know me too well before I came to Raw, so a lot of people may not know exactly who I am, and I’m here to show them exactly who I am. I can’t wait to possibly change their minds and make them back me up and cheer for me and believe in me because they should. I’m here to stay, and I’m the Raw Women’s champion.”


On her attitude going to the main roster: “If you don’t care about me, I’m not going to care about you, and I bet you’ll come crawling back and want to be a part of my fan group. That’s sort of what my mentality was going to Raw. I was trying to find myself and find my confidence because in NXT UK, I had such a strong aura of confidence around me, and I really did miss that Rhea Ripley from those days. And I tried to be the same Rhea Ripley I was then because that’s when I feel I was my strongest and my healthiest and I accomplished so much in my career. That’s all I want to do: I want to accomplish things, I want to make history, I want to hit my goals and do everything there is to be done.”

On her experience on the main roster: “[The main roster is] completely different. I didn’t think it’d be so different. I’m still trying to find my footing. It’s nearly there, it’s nearly there. It’s so unpredictable, and that’s something I’m not used to just yet. It’s also got a different stress level to it because there are more eyes on it. Before, I didn’t realize how many people watched Raw and SmackDown and how many people watched NXT. Now I’m getting the picture of how many more people are tuning in to Raw and SmackDown that puts a lot more stress and pressure on myself to perform and do fantastic, especially being a perfectionist as I am.”

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