Rhea Ripley Turns Her Back On Liv Morgan

Rhea Ripley’s New Boyfriend Revealed?


Are Rhea Ripley and Buddy Matthews (Buddy Murphy in WWE) dating in real-life?

In recent weeks, Ripley and Matthews have been posting videos of themselves working out together in the gym and getting close.


When a fan questioned if they were dating and asked what Matthews has that she doesn’t, Ripley replied with,


It should be noted that Ripley has been playing up her new heel character on social media in recent weeks.

With that being said, Ripley and Matthews are at the very least close acquaintances and often hang out together. Matthews also appears regularly on Ripley’s Twitch streams, which are filmed from her home.

Ripley previously dated indie wrestler Demetri “Action” Jackson back in 2019. There is no word on when (or if) that relationship has come to an end.

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