Rhino Comments On Current Impact Wrestling Run, Violent By Design


Impact Wrestling star Rhino was interviewed by In The Cut podcast to discuss his current run with Impact, among other topics that were also talked about.

On the biggest difference in his latest Impact Wrestling run compared to his last ones: “I’m a little older, a little wiser, more experienced, not only in life, but you know, in the wrestling business, and, you know, this, I bring more, I think, to the table, you know, because of those reasons, you know, and I haven’t been, I haven’t been the old, the ECW Rhino since, you know, 2000. So early 2000. So, it’s, it’s, it’s good, you know, because fans will be able to see that side of me, you know, since I joined violent by design, so and that’s one of the things the wrestling fans were very excited about when I joined biome by design.”

On joining Violent By Design: “It just fit, you know, that old The ECW Rhino was itching to come out, you know, I’ve suppressed them for too long. And it’s great because we did it in a way where really nobody expected it, you know, and people were okay with me. You know, still being as the term we use baby face. So, um, but they also kind of, you know, it’s that dirty little secret. You know, it’s like, I really enjoy Ryan. I was a baby face and I go out there and i love the fan support, but I really I really missed that. You know, the ECW Rhino right now, you know, so? Well, yeah. The intensity, the intensity of being able to as I remember watching you to spear pretty much everybody does have that real intense look. Women, children.. I will not Gore children, but yeah, they get my way. I’m just saying I’m an equal opportunity. Gore. Yeah, so I mean, is he too far gone? That’s, that’s a question only Eric Young can answer. So can he be part of the group? Or is he going to be, you know, is he gonna be on the hit list? You know, I’ll go. It’s not the first time.”

On his match at Rebellion: “Well break them down as a team, they’re all very talented, they’ll come with a lot of years of experience, you know, and, and you could be young to the business or young for having exposure, but have a lot of experience in life gives you experience in the ring to, you know, some people mature a lot quicker, you know, a lot of people in their 20s, like we were talking about earlier, you know, when we’re younger, we’ll run into, you know, run into a fight, you know, what, sometimes people in their early 20s, they’ll sit back and they’ll, they’ll think before, you know, they’re more calculated. So and that’s, and that’s the thing. You know, when you look across the ring, you don’t know what’s going to happen, you know, when you just you always have to, you always have to realize never to underestimate anybody, they’re all talented. They’re all, they’re all deserving of any opportunity they’ve had, or they have, and the future opportunities that they will, you know, come across their past. So it’s just it’s one of those things where it’s like, you know, you just gotta make, I’ve got to make sure I’m on my game and everybody, you know, with Eric Young and, and, you know, Joe, and Diener. You know, they’re all going to be on their game too. So going into it and we talk amongst ourselves. So but yeah, we’re ready to go.”

on his goals in Impact: “Well, I’d like to go at least another six years God Willing knock on wood. Just to make it a good 32 and then find the next Randy Orton and find the next rock. JOHN CENA you know, the next Austin, the next Triple H and the next leader, the next Trish Stratus you know, the next Sasha Banks just to help nurture them and make them grow and and become you know, a major draw the next Charlotte flair, you know, in the Wrestling World. And you know, that way, you always want to leave it better than what you found it, you know, anything you do. So, definitely I want to do that and, and yeah, so and along with obviously world champion is always in you know, in your mind. And that’s definitely more towards the front of my mind than anything. You know, but I really don’t talk about that much sets up personal, you know, hunger and goal.”

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