Rhino Reveals How Much Longer He’s Planning To Wrestle, Talks Impact Wrestling


During a recent appearance on the “Instinct Culture with Denise Salcedo” podcast, Impact Wrestling star Rhino commented on how much longer he’s planning to wrestle for, how it’s been working with ‘Honor No More’ in Impact, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On working with Honor No More in Impact: “Well, I don’t feel too good when they’re punching me in my face, or hitting me with kendo sticks or whatever it may be. But some of these guys — like the first match Vinnie had in Ring of Honor was with me. Watching Taven, and Kenny King, and all these guys grow from — because I was there in the early teens, like 2000, for two and a half years, and watching these guys come in, they grow and [become] main eventers and champions. And then to have them part of the locker room, when they’re not hitting me – put it this way, speaking as a fan, it’s great to have them as part of that locker room because they bring nothing but intensity, and they bring nothing but positive things to the locker room, or to the overall product, I should say.”

On the importance of Impact having working relationships with other companies: “Oh sure, for the wrestling fans, it’s very important. I understand why WWE doesn’t do it. Maybe they’ll do it here and there on a small scale, like Mickie James was in the Royal Rumble, and it’s great. It’s not as easy as it may seem. I think with TV contracts and all that other stuff WWE has on board, they don’t have the ability like we have the ability [to do it]. Sometimes, when you’re ascending, it’s easier to get things done, but when you’re on top, it’s harder for you to do cross-promotions and stuff like that because these contracts are very detailed in what you can and can’t do. I think it’s a great opportunity for us and AEW, and now that AEW purchased Ring of Honor, it’s great – and New Japan and NOAH, all these things can happen and it’s great for the wrestling fan. It’s great to be a part of that in the locker room because you can work with guys you’ve never worked with.”

On his future goals and how much longer he plans to wrestle: “Hopefully, God willing, I can have five more years in the wrestling business. I want to slowly taper off, and then move more to the behind-the-scenes as a producer and stuff. So, that’s the thing. A compass will always tell you due north, but it doesn’t tell you the hills and valleys and lakes and ponds and all that. So, you have to go around it. So, my goal is five years, and then slowly and then work, go around the hills and valleys and stuff and get to that point, and along the way work with people and try to help boost their careers and help get them on the journey or the path that they’re supposed to take.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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