Rhino Talks About Being Scared Of Paul Wight After Picking Up Bar Tab


Impact Wrestling star Rhino was recently interviewed on Talk n’ Shop as he talked about how he got scared of AEW star Paul Wight after picking up his bar tab, the nice things Wight would do for people backstage, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Wight scaring him: “He would pay for the meals, and I’m like, ‘Show, you don’t have to do that’. He goes, ‘I know I don’t, you’re traveling with me, so I’m going to take care of you’. And I’m like, ‘that’s really f-cking cool’. So we ended up sneaking a bill, very few times, I’ve been in situations where I should’ve been scared but I wasn’t. This time, I was scared. Because we were sitting at a bar, right, he was sitting at the end, it was myself, Paul and Nunzio. We buzzed the waitress, or the bartender, I go, ‘give us the bill’. So we picked up the bill. He asked for it, and they go, ‘oh no, they took care of it’. He literally leans over, looks at us, and goes, ‘thank you, but never do that again’. And I go, ‘sh**, I’m scared’.”


On nice things Wight would do for people backstage: “It was in Philly, they go, ‘just grab a room at the Marriott’. Everyone was getting that $99 rate, right? So we go in and the guy goes, it’s $199, and we’re like, no were with the boys, the wrestlers. Heyman and Show, because they were already checked in, they go, ‘we’ll park the car while you guys check-in, that way you kill two birds with one stone, same place at the same time’. So they’re coming in and they go, ‘can we see your car, the keys, we’ll take the car, we’re going to another hotel’. They go, ‘why?’ They go, ‘he wants $199 for a room plus tax’. He goes, ‘no’. He talks to the guy, Show’s starting to get pissed, right. He goes, ‘well, here’s my card’. He goes, ‘you know what?’ He didn’t tell the person to f-off, but he said something along those lines, close. But he went, ‘here’s my card, I want two rooms’ and we’re like, ‘Show, you can’t do that, we’re not gonna f-cking let you, that’s close to $500’. And he’s like, ‘no, I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna call my buddy, this guy is a f-cking a–hole,’ you know talking about him, not at him.”

Luke Gallows on Wight getting him out of a ticket: “Show goes, ‘WWE Wrestlers, so and so’ and the guy goes, ‘nope, I don’t know’. Then he goes, ‘have you ever seen the movie Waterboy?’ and the guy goes, ‘nope, never heard of it’. He goes back, writes a warning, he comes back and he goes, ‘you’re Captain Insano’.”

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