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Wrestling themed drama/comedy film RhumbleRama is coming this year and features Brother Devon, Gene Snisky, Thrasher and Lloyd Anoa’i, as well as independent talent JD Knight mixing it up with an impressive cast of UK and International talent. The movie is Written and Directed by Andrew Roger Carson and produced by Robert Latham Brown (Spiderman, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Starship Troopers, Ali) and Rainer Soehnlein (Spaceballs: the Animated Series, Happily N’Ever After) and is set to be filmed in the UK in Manchester this summer. The project came about when unemployed filmmaker Andrew Roger Carson suddenly found himself invited to Hollywood by the Estevez/Sheen family after 3 months of promoting his motion picture idea online. From there he was picked up by Mel Brooks associates Robert Latham Brown and Rainer Soehnlein and scored distribution through GFM Films in the UK.


When the play he’s performing in closes, Jeff, a struggling actor in his 30s, is unable to afford tickets to a large wrestling event he has promised to his young son. Jeff’s equally unemployed friend Arran says he can get him the tickets at a cut rate. The tickets turn out to be fake, and Jeff’s son Mike, misses out on seeing his biggest hero when they are denied admission.

After disappointing his son and confirming the low opinion of him held by Shelley, his ex-wife, Jeff resolves to create his own wrestling show and gets Arran to help him out. They collect a wide variety of performers, but no real wrestlers. Nevertheless, they train hard to be ready. On the lackluster opening night, Jeff thinks the idea has failed until a video of the show goes viral and they become an overnight smash.

The film and it’s director have been given a lot of support from such wrestling talent as Mickie James, William Regal, Diana Hart, Harry Smith, Superfly Jimmy Snuka, Matt Striker, Kid Kash, Tatanka, Maria Kanellis, Georgia Smith, Mikey Whipwreck, Gangrel, Vladimir Kozlov, Robbie Brookside, Julie Hart, Becky Lynch, Melissa Coates, Gerald Brisco, CW Anderson, Nikki Nitro, Maxine, Terri Runnels, Savio Vega, B.B., Andy Leavine, Orlando Jordan, Joy Giovanni, Goldy Locks, Virgil, King Kong Bundy, Chuck Palumbo, Elijah Burke, Joel Gertner, The Honky Tonk Man, Axl Rotten, Manu, R-Truth, Christian York, Justin Credible, Alicia Webb, Gregory Helms, Rikishi, Konnan, Mosh, Gunner, Zach Gowen, Nigel McGuiness, Madusa, The Blossom Twins, Marc Mero, Dory Funk Jr, The Boogeyman and many more.

The film has also had support from many in the motion picture industry including Spike Lee, Charlie Sheen, Selma Blair, Ramon Estevez, Matthew Modine, Robert Patrick, Amber Heard, David Koechner and many others.

The film has received media attention from the BBC (http://vimeo.com/75398279) and various grappling podcasts like Inside the Ropes and Marks for Xcellence.

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