Rhyno Addresses Retirement Rumors (Video)


WWE recently posted a video on their YouTube channel in which Rhyno addresses his professional wrestling career after being “fired” from RAW by Baron Corbin. Acting RAW General Manager Baron Corbin forced Rhyno to face Heath Slater, with the loser being fired from WWE.

Rhyno lost the match and was then fired from RAW. Speaking on YouTube, Rhyno cleared up any rumors that he’s retiring:

“I just want to clear up a rumor that I’ve seen for about a week now on Twitter about me retiring. I am not retiring, I have no plans on retiring.”

Rhyno said he’d fulfill his contractual obligations with WWE and wrestle house shows. After that, he’s not sure what he’ll do next. Per a report from Wrestling Inc., Rhyno is expected to be reinstated to WWE soon as a member of the SmackDown Live roster. Check out the video here:

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