Photo Credit: WWE

Ric Flair Admits To Drinking Alcoholic Beverages Following His Recent Issues


On not being beat up from pro wrestling: “I’m not at all. That I can tell you and people are in shock about it, but I don’t feel anything from wrestling. I feel great. The only thing that I feel right now is that I am still relatively weak. This has been the first week I’ve spent in the gym without travelling. I just need to get physically stronger, but as far as my back, knees, elbows, shoulders, the rotator cuffs are, of course, stiff, but they don’t hurt at all. My back – I was told I would have arthritis in my 40s – I have no discomfort. I certainly hate to brag about this, but I don’t have any issues in terms of that at all. It’s amazing and people keep saying, ‘You’ve got to hurt.’ I say, ‘Guys, I feel great.’”

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