Ric Flair Falsely Advertised, CM Punk/Dolph Ziggler News


— CM Punk posted the following shout-out to Dolph Ziggler after Ziggler got the cover of WWE Magazine:

@HEELZiggler you made the cover of the magazine! And they say bad guys don’t sell…

WWE.com has a story on the WCW Hall of Fame, which was created in 1993 to honor alumni of the National Wrestling Alliance and Jim Crockette Promotions, the predecessors of WCW. Seventeen wrestlers were honored in three years, including Dusty Rhodes, Harley Race and the Crusher.

— An independent organization in Georgia called the AWF has falsely promoted Ric Flair as competing at their Wrestle Jam event in Ringgold next Thursday. Flair is advertised to compete in an AWF ring for the second time in a month against “Nature Boy” Paul Lee to “settle their ongoing feud.” They claim that Flair and Lee have been rivals ever since the early 1990s in WCW, which isn’t true because Lee never wrestled for WCW.

Flair wrote on Twitter: “I am planning to go to the show in Ringgold May 30th, but I’m just signing autographs, NOT wrestling. Not sure how that rumor got started.”

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