Ric Flair Issues Statement Following Last Night’s Dark Side Of The Ring


As seen during last night’s episode of Dark Side of the Ring, a story about Kanyon aired and it once again didn’t make WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair look very good.

The episode featured several clips of Kanyon on the Howard Stern Show where he claimed WWE fired him for being gay. James Mitchell said that Kanyon later admitted to him that WWE did not fire him for his sexuality. When he made the claims on the Howard Stern Show, both John Cena and Ric Flair called in to say he wasn’t in WWE because he wasn’t very good.


Flair has now issued the following statement following the show:

“Breaks my heart to hear later on that he took this so hard. Calling into guests that were seen as “hostile” to WWE was part of the job then. I should not have said that nobody had “ever” been released; there’s no way I could have known that for sure.

I was holding the company line. Love is love is love is love and everyone should be able to love whoever and however they choose without fear of reprisal. I wasn’t a huge Kanyon fan as a worker; but Chris Klucsarits was a hell of a good guy.”

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