Ric Flair Names The Modern Day Four Horsemen From The Current WWE Roster


Two-time WWE Hall Of Famer “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair recently joined  98 Rock Baltimore’s Justin, Scott and Spiegel in order to promote his upcoming Four Horsemen reunion for MCW. Here are the highlights:

Who he’d choose from today’s WWE roster to make up a modern-day Four Horseman: “The first guy I would take is Dolph Ziggler,” said Flair. “The second guy would be Seth Rollins. Third guy would be, let me think, Horsemen… that requires a lot. You gotta be good at what you do be able to enjoy life. Let me think: Seth… God, I haven’t had too much fun with him, but I’m sure he’d be great – Roman Reigns. Yeah, Roman’s a trooper. Gotta be careful with what I say, because (laughs) God forbid anybody have any fun anymore. And, let me think. Uh, oh God, he would run from me but Randy Orton for sure.”

Praising Randy Orton: “But he is so, so married and so laid back and having a good time,” said Flair. “But make no mistake, Randy Orton right now is still the best wrestler in wrestling. A little shorter than Barry [Windham], but same athleticism, phenomenal shape, great look, but Randy has calmed down. He’s happily married, beautiful kids, and don’t even tell him I suggested that (laughs). If Dave Batista was back, Dave would be great too.”

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions

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