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Ric Flair Proposes Idea To Get RAW Up To 2.3 Million Viewers Again



On a recent episode of his To Be The Man podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair proposed an idea for a potential WWE segment that he believes would get RAW back up to 2.3 million viewers again.

Speaking on the podcast, Flair suggested that a segment that saw him and John Cena congratulate Charlotte on becoming a 16-time women’s champion would, “Almost guarantee” WWE would hit that rating again.

Charlotte Flair, who is currently a 14-time women’s champion in WWE, currently sits one reign behind both Cena and Ric Flair, who each have been 15-time world champions.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On his belief, this segment would guarantee WWE 2.3 million viewers: “If they [WWE] ever want to get a 2.3 again, which they will, but I can guarantee you a 2.3, I could almost guarantee you a 3 if it was advertised, if John Cena and I were gonna meet [Charlotte] in the ring to congratulate her on breaking our record.”

On being ‘Charlotte’s dad’: “First of all, I am Charlotte’s dad right now. I’m telling you, you talk about moments that make TV, for me and John, and I know John very well, John would be honored to shake her hand. The three of us in the ring together, you talk about a moment in sports, that’s an ESPN Top 10 highlight.”

On the potential for Charlotte to break his record: “First of all, you gotta’ get to 15. Boy, if she gets to 15, and I mean if she loses it and wins it back again, she’s got plenty of time. She’s in the best shape of her life. I know I’m a braggadocios father. She came back fresher than ever, it’s the best thing that ever happened. I’m just so happy, and she’s happy as can be, and the company’s happy.”

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