Ric Flair Says Charlotte Would Be “As Big As Serena Williams” With 16-World Title Reigns


Charlotte Flair is undoubtedly the most decorated female wrestler of the current generation. With 14 women’s World Championships to her name, Flair has already cemented herself as one of the greatest stars in professional wrestling. In fact, The Queen is just two championship victories away from tying her father Ric Flair’s record-16 world title reigns.

During a recent Q&A on his To Be The Man podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair expressed his opinion on his daughter Charlotte surpassing his 16 World Title reigns and becoming ‘as big as Serena Williams.’ According to The Nature Boy, the milestone would be ‘a statement heard around the world.’


Flair said, “Charlotte, without even thinking. I think it would make a statement heard around the world. She would overnight be as big as Serena Williams. Absolutely. She’d be recognized in that light. They’re finally getting to the point where the women athletes are getting the recognition. Women are getting more recognition, period.”

“If Charlotte were to break our record, I mean, why not? I said it last week, we’re not a 2.5 [rating], we’re taking about a 3.5 if me and Cena walked out to the ring the day she breaks the record. It’s very conceivable she could.”

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