Ric Flair Speaks On His Former Faction “Evolution” & Explains Why He Wants A Third Hall Of Fame Ring


On the most recent edition of the WWE Network show: Table For 3, it featured two-time WWE Hall Of Famer, Ric Flair, Randy Orton & wrestling legend, Bruno Sammartino. Of course, the three men discussed numerous topics & during their conversation, Ric Flair & Orton had a discussion about their former group, Evolution.

Here are a few excerpts from the show:

Flair On Why He Wants A Third Hall Of Fame Ring:

“Well, here’s the deal; I want you to retire as soon as you can, God knows you’ve got enough money, okay? So I can get my third ring when they induct Evolution, okay?”

Flair On Evolution:

“I used to be able to get him, now, he’s all calmed down. When I was hanging out with him and Batista, I had more fun. Hunter was always kind of … he had his own thing, but [Orton] and Dave had a whole different gig going on. Two young, handsome guys. I’d just take Batista to the bar and he’d take his shirt off for all the chicks, I was living my life vicariously through these two guys.”

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