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NewsRic Flair Wants to See The Undertaker Wrestle One More Match

Ric Flair Wants to See The Undertaker Wrestle One More Match



Metro UK recently interviewed WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair about The Undertaker. 

During the interview, Flair noted that he hopes to see Taker work one more match and it potentially be against AJ Styles. Here is what he had to say: 

“Whatever he elects to do – and I feel like he’s gonna wrestle again, I have no idea, I haven’t asked him. But I think he’s gonna want to go out one more time and tear it down. This year, prior to the health issues and the COVID – when I saw he was gonna wrestle AJ I was like, ‘Man that is the guy!’”

“[Styles is] the closest guy to Shawn [Michaels] in our business right now, and it’ll be everything and more because AJ gets it. He wouldn’t be out there trying to have a wrestling match, he’d be out there to enhance this phenomenal character that’s a once in a lifetime entity in this business. I hope to have the rematch because that’s the match. That to me – I wouldn’t miss it and I don’t think anyone else would. I just feel like it’s not done yet.”

“He can make that decision but personally I’d like to see it. ‘If he feels comfortable enough to do it, and he and Michelle decide that’s what they want to do I know I’d like to see it. That remains to be seen.”

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