Wednesday, February 21, 2024
NewsRic Flair's Wife 'He's Expected to Fully Recover'

Ric Flair’s Wife ‘He’s Expected to Fully Recover’



Ric Flair’s wife, Wendy Barlow gave a very brief statement about the current state of Ric Flair’s health:

“Due to ongoing health complications, Ric was taken to the hospital and is expected to undergo a procedure tomorrow morning, after which he expects to fully recover.”

Currently, we’ve seen conflicting reports regarding the status of the Nature Boy. The initial reports from TMZ sounded like a very dire situation.

Ric Flair’s son-in-law, Conrad Thompson was very quick to say that what Ric Flair is going through was a planned procedure and not as serious as it was made to sound.

A tweet from Rajah suggests that Ric Flair was just having a new pacemaker put in and he will indeed make a full recovery:

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