Ricardo Rodriguez

Ricardo Rodriguez Details Why Managers Rarely Work In WWE


Ricardo Rodriguez has talked about why WWE often fail to establish strong wrestler and manager partnerships.

Speaking on the It’s My House Podcast, Rodriguez had this to say:

“People don’t know their place. So I was basically the decorations on the cake, Alberto [Del Rio] was the cake. So basically my place was to not take away focus from my guy whoever I’m with whereas and I’ve seen it so many times now where the manager… valet, there’s no managers there are valets, who are slightly bigger than the person they’re with. So they don’t know their place. Also, I do think that what helped myself and Alberto was our chemistry together, and that’s really because we were together all the frickin time, we rode together… I mean we were seriously together all the time when we were on the road. We did interviews, we would do media stuff together. Anywhere he went, I went and wherever I went he was with me. So we were a team, and not just in the ring, not only that but we were friends in real life, so that helped our chemistry. And I think that that was able to be shown. You can see that on TV.”

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You can check out his full interview on the It’s My House Podcast below:

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