Rich Swann Speaks On The Cruiserweight Classic, Working With Baron Corbin And Finn Balor, More


WWE Cruiserweight Classic star Rich Swann was recently interviewed by The Baltimore Sun. Here are the highlights:

On working with Baron Corbin and Finn Balor:

“Baron Corbin, I watched him a lot when I was in Japan, and I saw the way that he was making waves. I knew that he was going to be one of the best. He’s proving just that. I was in a losing effort against him. He’s a big, tough, guy. He doesn’t take anything from anybody. He’s doing great on RAW now. As far as working against Finn Balor, I always idolized him. I looked up to him. When I was in Dragon Gate Pro Wrestling, he came to Dragon Gate, and was the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion. I always wanted to get the chance to wrestle him, and to do it in a WWE ring was priceless.”

On the Cruiserweight Classic:

“I think it says greatness. There’s no words that I could put that into. It’s making this business great again. Not to say that it wasn’t great before, but it’s changing on us. It’s bringing an audience that probably did not watch before, now they’re seeing something different. They’re want to take a look at this. They’re getting the WWE Network, which you can get for $9.99, and it creates greatness.”

You can read the full interview here.

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