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NewsRick Boogs Claims He Won't Ever Wrestle Again Following WWE Release

Rick Boogs Claims He Won’t Ever Wrestle Again Following WWE Release



On a recent edition of the “Insight” podcast, former WWE Superstar Rick Boogs discussed his WWE release, the torn quad patella he suffered at WrestleMania 38, and his unwillingness to return to the ring.

Boogs was released from his WWE contract in September 2023.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On his WWE release in September 2022: “If you want to talk about my second run on the main roster. I guess I saw the writing on the wall, but it wasn’t like let me get ready for it. It was just basically thank God for my YouTube community because I always had that. I have an awesome community. Everyone I meet in real life is awesome. I have done a ton of meet and greets and it’s great, it’s awesome.”

On his WrestleMania 38 injury: “There was supposed to be this documentary too. It’s like “Oh yeah, it’s being filmed all day. Oh it’s your first WrestleMania?” Then I just blew my tendon once I got in there. I guess I wasn’t warmed up. We were the first match at WrestleMania too so it’s not like I had much time to warm up. It was a crazy day. My muscle was firing so hard, it just ripped the tendon off the bone.”

On not wanting to return to wrestling: “No. When I first decided I was going to do wrestling, I had to be all in on something. So like, I was doing strength and conditioning stuff, personal training. I was like, if I’m gonna commit to this other endeavor, I just quit my job. I have a wife and a daughter. I just got unemployed for the sake of you know, getting hungry that I really wanted to make it happen, which my wife was not happy about. She was like, ‘Why did you have to quit?’”

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