Rick Ross On Dropping An F-Bomb On AEW TV, Future Appearances


Rick Ross showed up on AEW Dynamite last night to facilitate a discussion between Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland. It did not go as planned. But it did leave everyone talking the morning after, since Ross dropped an F-bomb on live TV while standing next to Keith Lee.

Ross joined Busted Open Radio to discuss his verbal miscue, as well as future appearances with Tony Khan’s promotion. You can read highlights below:


His thoughts on Keith Lee: “It was real cool. I got close to Keith Lee and realized how big his traps was. He look like he weighs between 360, 370 (pounds). He’s a big motherf***er. He really is. He’s a big motherf***er.”

Dropping an F-bomb on live television: “I’m taking you behind the scenes, this is the biggest boss Ricky Rozay, no one can tell me what to say. It was a gift for me to be there, I love AEW. It was a huge gift. When I got in there, I had other things on my mind, but like I said, when Keith Lee kind of turned his back to me and I realized the size and width of his shoulders and trapezoids, I had to express my heart. He’s a big motherf***er. He really is.”

Appearing for AEW in the future: “It’s a good chance that AEW will get more gifts. I like Tony Khan, Tony Khan is a cool motherf***er. I feel the energy. One time for all the real wrestling fans, one time for all the true fans that stood out in the cold to make it inside the arena. The ones who wear their plastic masks. The ones who drag their belts on the cement as they walk into the arena. I love you guys. We are number one in anything other than accusations. FALSE ACCUSATIONS!”

(h/t to Fightful)

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