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Rick Steiner Denies Having Problems With Bill Watts, Says He Enjoyed His Time In TNA



Rick Steiner talked with The Hannibal TV for a new interview, and the audio and some highlights are below:

On rumors he had problems with Bill Watts: “No I always got along with Bill, I guess the thing with Bill Watts was my brother and Bill didn’t always see eye to eye. I could have stayed if I wanted to, but whatever my brother was gonna do we were gonna stick together. I never had a problem with Bill, Bill and I still talk to this day, he’s down in Florida. I still see his boys every now and then, one of them lives here in Atlanta. I still keep contact with him and we still have a good relationship.”

His time in WWE: “Vince had his way of doing things and there was a lot more competition, there weren’t guaranteed contracts that Turner had so the pay structure was different, the guys were different, everybody was worried about their position and job, a lot of animosity going on, it was just a different business structure that Vince had. You can’t fault him, he’s a billionaire, he’s got a successful company there. It was a different environment, I learned a lot from it, I guess in life that’s all you can do is learn from some of the things you go through, and I did. I met a lot of new guys I never met before, Randy Savage and some of the guys like that. It was a different experience but it was all good.”

On his TNA experience: “It was a brief experience with them, I went it with my brother and wrestled — Sting called and had me come in and my brother and I got together and we wrestled with The Dudley Boys. I got treated well I was only there for a few months, six or eight months, and had a program with those guys. At the time they were on top. It was a different surrounding, it was at Disney, we had been at Disney before so it was coming back to the same building, same kind of area and everything. It was just coming back to a different environment, having somebody else run it. I think Dixie was there, a few other people were there. At the time I was getting older and wiser, I just did my thing, did what I was supposed to do, and went home.”

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