Ricky Starks Gives Praise To HOOK, Talks Trash About Danhausen


During a recent interview with Cageside Seats, AEW star Ricky Starks gave some high praise to Taz’s son and AEW sensation, HOOK, while taking a few digs at Danhausen.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On HOOK’s progress as a wrestler: “It’s been incredible. He works very hard. Actually everyone from Hook, to Hobbs, to me, we all work very hard. It’s great to see where Hook is. It’s great to see where Hobbs is and it’s great to see where I am now. Hobbs in his own credit, he’s done it himself. He wakes up very early on these travel days and he goes to the gym and he works out. He watches what he eats and he studies and he’s very attentive. No one can take any of that from him. That was all Hobbs’ credit, work, and he’s done the thing. And I’m very proud to see how far he’s come.”

On occasionally doing commentary for AEW: “That’s the other part about it too, is exploring things that you really may not be good at. I think from there, once you have the exploration down, now it’s about actually seeing what’s the improvement we can get out of it. So, all these different things that I do, that I love to do, easily sets me up for my resume down the line, when I do retire from the in-ring work.”

On how much work he puts into his onscreen insults: “Sometimes I may have something loaded in the chamber that I’ve thought of right before I’ve gone out. Sometimes they just come off the top of my head. No one in AEW, really no one in wrestling, is as good as I am when it comes to roasting them. We have a lot of corny people that have these terrible, as you saw on Dynamite, we had a lot of terrible corny comebacks. And this is why some of these people get made fun of by people like me. I’m a very quick witted person. I have a very silver metal tongue. I will slice through you. You may be able to beat my ass, but I can make you cry. And that’s how I used to be in school. Like, some kids could beat me up and that was fine, but man did I cut deep.”

On if Danhausen is an honorary member of Team Taz: “No. Absolutely not.”

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