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Ricky Starks On A Potential Acting Career, Matt Hardy On A ‘Broken House’ Faction



On Saturday’s edition of AEW Collision, CM Punk defeated Ricky Starks in their rematch for Punk’s ‘Real’ AEW World Championship. Following the match, Starks attacked guest official Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat.

In a recent interview with Alicia Atout, Starks discussed the possibility of pursuing a career in Hollywood.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On his dream acting role: “I feel like, one thing about me is I’m always up to any challenge. I’m a very curious person by nature. So even if it’s not something that I think I would fit in, I would still try it because I like that. I think for me, comedy is a good one. Action, drama, I could do drama. I could do some pretty good drama. Those are the main ones. The acting thing is still an idea, it’s still a goal because I want to at least experience that. I want to at least try my hand in that. I get everyone is like, ‘Oh, I want to get into acting now that I’m a wrestler.’ I promise you, it’s not made for everybody, but for me, I believe it is. I do believe that I’m made for acting. I have one of my best friends, one of my bestest friends in the world, she tells me, ‘When are you just gonna get into movies? I’m just waiting for that.’ I said, ‘We’ll, it’s gonna happen soon.’”

On not having a problem with starting over: “To hear somebody that is behind you and that is supportive of you, it’s only great when you already believe it yourself. Then to have someone push you like that is the best support system you can have. But I also am not naïve in the sense of like, well, I can’t just jump from this boiling pot to the other one. I have no problem starting over. It’s just a matter of making sure that all the moving parts happen. If you can accomplish one small part of it, it’s just another way to at least keep adding on and compounding up until when you finally achieve what you want, which is a big role or something like that.”

On the latest edition of his “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy” podcast, Matt Hardy discussed a potential “Broken House” trios faction and which wrestlers could be a part of the group.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On a potential Broken House stable or trios team: “We could put a bunch of guys together. I mean, we could do Broken Matt. We could do Brother Nero. We could do Oragasmic Isiah. We can do Eccentric Ethan. Throw Danhausen in there. We can have him in there. We could have a five-man squad, swap in and out, and have Freebird rules.”

On who he’d like to form a trios team with: “Well, the first person I’m gonna say and they if you listen to the show, you know this, if you don’t, you probably don’t, but I was gonna say Wardlow. I would love to do it with Wardlow, that would definitely be great. A person that I think would love to do a trios with myself and Jeff would be Eddie Kingston. Before he was leaving to go to Japan, he said, ‘When I get back from this G1, can I be with you guys?’ He said, ‘I see what you guys are doing. You guys are always cooking. You’re very creative. It’s just easy. No bullshit. Can I be with you guys? Can I be part of The Hardy Party?’ I love some Eddie Kingston, man.”

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