Ricky Starks & Swerve Strickland Recount Their Backstage Fight At AEW Double Or Nothing


Ricky Starks appeared as a guest on the Swerve City Podcast and spoke with Swerve Strickland about the backstage fight the two men had at AEW Double or Nothing 2022. When discussing what happened, Swerve revealed that backstage fights happen “more often than you think” with Starks adding that he’s “never seen a fight where anyone has won. It’s always a draw.”

The backstage fight between Starks and Swerve was reported in February 2023. According to Swerve, the altercation was “a little miscommunication thing” and noted how far both men have come since then. He also called attention to the fans’ reaction to the story, saying, “y’all don’t give a s**t. I like that, that’s great.”


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