Ricky Steamboat’s WWE Future, WWE Creative Team News


Thanks to Ranjit Chahal of Wrestling Revealed for his help with some of the following newsbits:

— Despite not being utilized on television, WWE still requires lower level performers to show up at the arena, in case some changes are needed at the last minute. It’s quite telling that they have decided to allow Sin Cara to remain at home for the time being. The company does not appear to have any imminent plans for him, and the fact that he’s not even on the road further emphasizes that.

— We reported last month that Ricky Steamboat had left his job as a trainer for the WWE developmental program. While the reason wasn’t given, he is still on good terms with the company as he has relocated to the talent relations department. The former Intercontinental Champion is working with Triple H to bring new stars into the company. He’s basically a scout alongside Gerald Brisco and others.

— Here is this week’s edition of WWE’s “Google Hangout”:

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