Ricochet Reveals What It Means To Capture The IC Title, NXT Level Up Highlights


As seen during Friday night’s episode of WWE SmackDown, Ricochet defeated Sami Zayn to capture the Intercontinental Championship.

Following the win, Ricochet did his first photoshoot with the title and commented on what it means to him. He said,

“Everyone can talk about how they’re the best. Everybody. I’ve talked for a long time, and I’ve actually thought that I was the best for a long, long time, but now this just proves it. This, the United States Championship, the [NXT] North American Championship is all just proving my point as to why not only I belong here, but I can thrive here and I can be somebody here, and this proves just that. So just the emotions you saw tonight, all that, was just so real. And all of that was because of just one moment. It’s just emotion, that’s what it was. It was emotion.”

You can check out some highlights from last night’s NXT Level Up below:

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